Virtual server companies in United States

Virtual Server companies in the United States are the most popular companies because of the reason that US location is mostly preferred by large Organizations. They have the thought that US locations would generally be highly secured compared to any other location. The servers set up are the ones that would have started to provide such a facility and hence the US location takes the importance. 

Lot of Business happens around the US and hence the need for virtual cloud and data storage is high, preferably stored in the respective location. The Insurance field is completely driven with technology in the US region and hence these companies prefer to have the data stored in the same location rather than prefer to store in any other geographic location. The Disaster recovery servers might be placed in different locations across the US. Generally, they would be stored in the Eastern and in the Western regions

We shall discuss about the Top-rated Virtual Server companies in United States


This company offers a lot of options to choose the Server. This company is one among the top-rated companies in the US. They provide Free Website hosting and the Server setup without any engineering cost. You will have to just choose the plan and select the Server options. The rest of configuration and other activities will be taken up by the internal team at free of cost. The main feature provided to the users is the VPS hosting managed by Ultra Stack. This company provides Linux which are termed to be the premium servers and it will include faster performance. 

For any Website hosting, speed at which the data or the page is rendered to the user is the topmost priority for any owner. InMotion assures the highest performance of the servers. Beyond hosting the availability of the servers is at a very high range which is conveyed as 99.99%. Any organization would opt for this high percentage of availability. Because no one would like to see a downtime for their website anytime. This company has a 24/7 support system, and they also have a dashboard layer which helps to monitor the servers. With the help of dashboard, the activities of the user, the log analytics can be easily gathered.

A2 hosting

This company has the setup in both the United States and United Kingdom. They are generally chosen as they are considered as Value for money as a company that provides various options to choose the server. This provider comes with a different model that the customer would have to pay for the resources that are used so more similar to the cloud-based hosting.

The A2 hosting servers are like 20 times faster than the normal servers. This provider comes with 24/7 support for the entire year and hence you do not need to worry about the problems related to hosting at any given time. You can checkout vps hosting plans here.


This company comes with various options of hosting which are generally the Shared hosting, Dedicated hosting and the virtual hosting. The virtual hosting is the most preferred one by the Website owners. This company is mainly focused on E-Commerce based hosting and it is well seen in their catalogue of information. Since the team has a great knowledge on E-Commerce, they offer a lot of inbuilt solutions for launching E-Commerce solutions. 

They have an option to open an Online Store with a great customization. Once you decide to get enrolled with this website you will see a lot of options on Marketing management. This product allows you to gather the analytics of the website traffic which will in turn give you the real time data on the customers who tend to buy your products. If you get the details on a daily basis, then what else you would look for to improve your business.

Another interesting feature is the Email-marketing feature which also comes in place when you select a plan with Bluehost. This marketing feature will be a great boon to sell your products. The Virtual Servers can be bought by choosing either the Standard option or the Premium option.

There is an option called BlueSky which helps you to manage and improve your website. They have a lot of options on WordPress, and you will be given an opportunity to learn and upgrade yourself with Word press. 

BlueSky is nothing but the team of experts who are within the organization which allows you to get help from them with some plan chosen when you buy the server. The domain names for your website can be created on your own and the website helps you to get that created without any challenge.


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