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Why is art education important in schools:

Art is embedded in human nature. A man is a man because art is there within him. It is human nature that he wants to create something. Art is because of the creativity that is there within a man. Art is something that relates to the appreciation of beauty. Words written in a beautiful style are an art. An idea painted on r is an art. A poem sung beautifully is an art. Everything done in a beautiful style to create pleasure is an art. So, the goal of art is to create pleasure and pleasure is the thing that is desired by everybody, every human being, every creature on the earth, everywhere we want pleasure, and art can give us pleasure. Art is very important for human beings and in this article, we shall explore how art can be inculcated in the students in schools. We shall discuss the role of the schools in the development of art.   Forms of arts and how schools can develop them. There are numerous forms of art. Every art is a unique form of expressing oneself. Art forms may b